Awesome Read: Douglas Adams on Artificial Gods

I just saw that the audio recording of Douglas Adams, attached the transcript of his speech on is pointing to So I’m just going to host a copy of this marvelous talk, along with its transcript. Original credits, of course, go to Click here for the audio recording:    Transcript: Is there… read more »

Finally solved: BibDesk failing at generating Preview.

Now what I don’t like with automated solutions is that occasionally they don’t work – and that’s of course when you’ve no time to debug and fix it. My automated solution of bibliography generating using BibDesk is massively effective, except that it occasionally fails.

How to open Preview or Skim from DEVONThink

Unfortunately, DEVONThink utilizes its own PDF preview application. If you’d rather want to open Preview, you can utilize BetterTouchTool and set up a custom action for DEVONThink for a keyboard combination to use.

Some musing on scientific writing…

Some notes for my fellows at University of Liverpool. Quite often we’ve to manage a lot of content, which means get it, digitize it, and manage it to finally end up writing something about it. Let’s see it from where we want to have it: All content should be digitized, and it should be indexable…. read more »

Export from VitalSource Bookshelf

Every now and again, my University gives us a reader through the DRM black hole software that they deemed useful to license: VitalSource bookshelf. And of course, that means you’ll get encrypted content, which your operating system and document management system of choice won’t index. And just as with Adobe Digital Editions (but more uncomfortably… read more »

New OCR Wrapper published on Sourceforge

I’ve shared a small project I’ve recently written on sourceforge: This tool serves as a wrapper around the excellent ABBYY OCR engine which also exists as a Linux variant. The wrapper recursively iterates a directory structure and submits all PDF that it finds (and that it has not yet worked on) to ABBYY. The… read more »