Install LaTeX under Windows

Installation of LaTeX under Windows

Install TeXLive

Install TeXLive from here

Test the installation like so:

pdflatex --version

Install Sublime Text

Download Sublime Text from here Sublime Text is not strictly needed, but very useful.

Install GitBash

Install Git Bash from here

Select "Add Git Bash Profile to Windows Terminal:"


Use Sublime Text as Git’s default editor (or anything else should you so prefer):


Select "Checkout as-is, commit as-is":


Enable symbolic links:


Activate experimental options:


Configure Git

Use Sublime Text or any other editor to edit the .gitconfig file in your home directory:


Add the http and user sections and configure accordingly:


Clone the Dissertation Template

Open a GitBash shell and do this:


Also, execute this command:

git config advice.addIgnoredFile false
git config --global --add --bool push.autoSetupRemote true

Install Pandoc

The make script uses Pandoc for some of the parsing.

Install Pandoc from here.

Install wget

Wget does not come with GitBash.

Download wget from here

Open GitBash as Administrator and do this:

cd ~/Downloads
mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
mv wget.exe /usr/local/bin
ln -s /usr/bin/start /usr/bin/open

You need to be Administrator in order to move the wget executable to /usr/local/bin (and to create that directory in the first place).

The last line above creates a symlink so that you’ll have an open command available; open is the MacOS equivalent for the Windows start; the make script uses the open command to open e.g. a PDF in the system’s default PDF viewer.

Install some LaTeX Fonts

echo "check_certificate=off" >>~/.wgetrc
wget -q
texlua ./install-getnonfreefonts
getnonfreefonts.exe --sys -a

Install Python

Execute this in your GitBash shell:

winpty python.exe --version

If Python is not installed, it will open a window asking you to install it:

After Python is installed, execute these commands in your GitBash shell:

echo "alias python='winpty python.exe'" >>~/.bash_profile
echo "PATH=./templates/cfg:$PATH" >>~/.bash_profile
. ~/.bash_profile
pip3 install html2text

Install a PDF Viewer that does Auto-Refresh

Install SumatraPDF from here

Install Jabref

Install Jabref from here

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