How to paste a URL from the Clipboard to BibDesk as a LaTeX (and Harvard) compatible reference

Now after I’ve ended up about 700 times to always do the same thing: In BibDesk, add a “Note” field to a publication, copy my template for that note field, paste it into the publication, then copy and paste the URL I want to refer to into the right place, I got bored. Here’s another way of doing it (obviously attached to a keyboard shortcut by one of the usual means, e.g. BetterTouchTool). It takes the URL on the clipboard, escapes some characters that LaTeX would choke on, wraps it with my template, calculates the current date, and adds it to the notes field (which is created if it wasn’t there). If the field was there, nothing is added, but the result is copied back to the clipboard.


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