Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett for Kids

Yesterday’s post regarding the adoption of Perl and RegEx in early childhood has raised some questions as per to which degree we should expose our kids to potentially questionable content.

After all, Perl is known to be a write only language – and even more so RegEx – so is that not in a way counter productive as we try to teach children to read? In an attempt to balance both, we have embarked on our journey to give access to classic tales from cultural masterpieces, starting at, obviously, sceneries at the opposite end of the age spectrum (“Mort” = “Gevatter Tod”), then supplementing cozy family stories (“Wyrd Sisters”) to finally supply an unbiasing (sic!) view on religion (“Small Gods”) as well as the Earth in its wider context (“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”).

The reception has been, mostly, positive, and complaints, mostly, harmless, with the subject showing, mostly, no signs of panic. Great A’Tuin (to the right of the images) has had a very calming effect, visiting this side of an, as expected, flat world the scene happened on.

Thanks to Felix, for provisioning large quantities of reading material over extended periods of time.