I truly think, I just fell in love with a program. I’m talking about Scrivener. Since I’m doing research / academic writing rather than novel writing, I had not really looked at the program after I had bought it and played a bit with it a couple of years ago. Now, I’m starting here a… read more »

Speed Reading

I’ve been doing some investigation on speed reading, here’s there result.

Visual Feedback from Apple Scripts

I am probably overly abusing Better Touch Tool. As an example, while reading a book in Full Screen mode with Skim, I want to create different types of annotations but I do not want to use the menu or even the keyboard to switch annotation types. I want to keep my hand on the trackpad… read more »

Innovation Culture: Thoughts about allowing for more flexibility.

For a well-formatted version, see here . 1  Introduction What is required—and why—to establish a balance between flexibility and stringent order to enable a company to be receptive to innovation? And what focus areas should be considered for implementing such change? This paper is organized as follows: section  2  contextualizes innovation with organizational culture, innovation… read more »

Automate copying the Citation from BibDesk

Even though BibDesk has a very useful “Cite Tray” from which you can drag and drop your citations to the document you’re writing, what I consistently end up doing is to use, always, mostly the same format. As an example, I may be saying something like as \citeauthor{Nott:2014} said so eloquently, “repetitions are a sign… read more »

Finally solved: BibDesk failing at generating Preview.

Now what I don’t like with automated solutions is that occasionally they don’t work – and that’s of course when you’ve no time to debug and fix it. My automated solution of bibliography generating using BibDesk is massively effective, except that it occasionally fails.

How to open Preview or Skim from DEVONThink

Unfortunately, DEVONThink utilizes its own PDF preview application. If you’d rather want to open Preview, you can utilize BetterTouchTool and set up a custom action for DEVONThink for a keyboard combination to use.

Some musing on scientific writing…

Some notes for my fellows at University of Liverpool. Quite often we’ve to manage a lot of content, which means get it, digitize it, and manage it to finally end up writing something about it. Let’s see it from where we want to have it: All content should be digitized, and it should be indexable…. read more »