Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett for Kids

Yesterday’s post regarding the adoption of Perl and RegEx in early childhood has raised some questions as per to which degree we should expose our kids to potentially questionable content.

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Awesome Read: Douglas Adams on Artificial Gods

I just saw that the audio recording of Douglas Adams, attached the transcript of his speech on is pointing to So I’m just going to host a copy of this marvelous talk, along with its transcript. Original credits, of course, go to

Click here for the audio recording: 



douglas_adamsIs there an Artificial God?

In honour of Douglas’ memory, presents the transcript of his speech at Digital Biota 2, held at Magdelene College Cambridge, in September 1998. I would like to thank Steve Grand for providing this to us. Douglas presented this ”off the cuff” which only magnifies his true genius in our eyes. — Bruce Damer

This was originally billed as a debate only because I was a bit anxious coming here. I didn’t think I was going to have time to prepare anything and also, in a room full of such luminaries, I thought ‘what could I, as an amateur, possibly have to say’? So I thought I would settle for a debate. But after having been here for a couple of days, I realised you’re just a bunch of guys! It’s been rife with ideas and I’ve had so many myself through talking with and listening to people that I’d thought what I’d do was stand up and have an argument and debate with myself. I’ll talk for a while and hope sufficiently to provoke and inflame opinion that there’ll be an outburst of chair- throwing at the end.

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