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Even though BibDesk has a very useful “Cite Tray” from which you can drag and drop your citations to the document you’re writing, what I consistently end up doing is to use, always, mostly the same format. As an example, I may be saying something like as \citeauthor{Nott:2014} said so eloquently, “repetitions are a sign of laziness.” (\citeyear[10]{Nott:2010}) So in essence, I am dragging and dropping twice, and am then entering (or not) the page I’m quoting from. And as repetitions are obviously a sign of laziness in the sense that for just too long I’m too lazy to automate the process, it took me probably 5,000 citation marks until I decided to do this in a better way using a nice dialog box that fetches the relevant information from the currently selected article in BibDesk, asks for the page number and finally copies the correct citation key to the clipboard:


Here is the script (and here you can download it so that you can try it out directly; look inside the bundle for the source code):


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  • The AppleScript cannot compile. The applet Works, Applescript does not. Why?

    default button 3 displayed publications 1 ¬ Expected “,” but found property.

  • “Expected “,” but found property.” Somehow downloaded package works, but the script doesn’t want to compile if copied and pasted to AppleScript editor.

    • Yes, my bad. There was my web editor replacing & by & – and that messed up the script of course. I’ve fixed in, try again.

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