Fix for Safari on Mac: Client Certificate no longer accepted, or slow authentication…

Now this is a very annoying behavior I’ve observed with Safari on Mac and accessing a variety of SAML2 protected sites – while other browsers such as Chrome don’t appear to have that problem. The authentication process may just hang, or also fail with an uninformative cookie error.

Ultimately, what helps is this: Search Keychain for “” – there’s probably one certificate starting with that name and having a longer extension:


You will see other certificates depending on it. Delete that certificate, at which point the others will show up as no longer valid:


Delete those too. You don’t even need to restart your browser. Just go back to the site where the authentication was not working, and refresh the page. It should work now.

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Academic Workflow using Scrivener, BibDesk, Skim, LaTeX, and all the rest of it…

Here is a screen cast that I’ve done on my academic workflow. Have fun:


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Make Skim Great Again

Yesterday, I had created a pretty useful workaround for the still fucked up PDFKit in Sierra, which prevents Skim from running. Motivated by Andrea Alberti, I’ve today created a much better version which can be applied in one minute, with one single command, and does not require to keep System Integrity Protection off and swap around versions of PDFKit in the future.

In other words, this is there to Make Skim work again…┬áThe solution is on GitHub.

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Better Workaround for the still fucked up PDFKit problem on MacOS

So I had written here about the problem with PDFKit under MacOS and shown how to get an deploy an alternative version of PDFKit which fixes the problem. Unfortunately, that makes Preview no longer work with PDF files, which is why I had also supplied there a script for switching back and forth between different versions of PDFKit. What’s really missing, though, is to have that process automated. I’ve written a solution for that and put it on GitHub. Feel free to use it.

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Fix fontd being a CPU hog on MacOS

I just saw that there was a runaway fontd process. Fixed it like so:

Most importantly, this has drastically brought down CPU usage overall. Apparently, it impacts a whole lot of applications.

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Adblock, System-Wide, without Plugins… Pi-Hole!

This is absolutely awesome. I just came across Pi-Hole, a DNS based ad blocker that you can install on a Raspi or just some Linux box you may have around.


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How to stop iTunes from reverting to the local disk

I don’t have enough disk space on my MacBook Air. So specifically I don’t want iTunes to occupy lots of it. I’ve my iTunes library on an external disk, which is fine until I happen to start iTunes without having that disk attached. In that case, iTunes will silently revert to using its default, internal storage location, and next time I import music, I’ll just not notice – and end up with a complete mess. For example, the media library location I am using resides on a server that is also used by my Sonos installation – and I’ve ended up swearing at Apple for making things easier than necessary when importing a CD and then still not seeing it in my Sonos library – because I had really imported it into my local music library which iTunes had reverted to at some point.

So here’s how to fix that.


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Update for the PDFKit Problems (and some other workflow)

While this thing was seriously not working, I have actually found out that I’m going to prefer non-Skim annotations now.


How to workaround the fucked up PDFKit in Sierra

OK, so it appears that Apple this time really blew it with PDFKit. In Sierra, it appears to be seriously broken, and the most important outcome of that is that Skim no longer appears to work.

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Workaround for Lync Issues opening the Skype for Business application on IOS

I’ve been struggling with Lync (Skype for Business) issues this morning. Both iPhone and iPad suddenly no longer opened the Skype for Business application when clicking on a Lync link. So for example, a calendar invite may contain something like this:

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