How to fix a Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix Base

I’ve had a little issue with our MaxiCosi FamilyFix Base not releasing the child seat anymore. Turns out, this is a common problem. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any description on how to really solve it, so here is one.

First of all, there are all sorts of screws on the base. Don’t waste your time trying to open the base from the bottom. There are six screws, two of them to the back which you only see if you remove the cover from the IsoFix bars, and once you’ve removed those screws, you’re still not really closer to opening the base – at least I wasn’t, and I nearly gave up. I then saw these two screws:




Once you’ve removed them, you can open the base from the top by first inserting a flathead screw driver and cautiously prying open:




Work your way to the front and carefully unclip these:





Using your screwdriver as a lever, you can then pry open the base like so (doing that on both sides):




Eventually, the top of the base comes off:





You can now open the cover towards the back:




Notice this mechanism:





This is the back side of the release mechanism which came loose. It is not under tension. So you can easily pull out the holding wire:




Then, use your screwdriver to pull upwards the plastic cover and release the spring:





If you new remove the spring, you have won enough room to pull out the opposite side of the wire and re-fix it into where it came loose from. It may take some wiggling, but it is possible without any force. I used a simple rubber band to hold it in place and then push the release handle over it. When it snapped in, the rubber band broke and hence I had it in place. Once done, press the plastic cover (very) firmly back in place with your fingers:




This is about the only time where you need some force. When done, it looks like this:





Put the spring back in place – use a flathead screw driver if needed. then work your way back. I just replaced the cover over where it should be and slightly hit it with my flat palm to bring it back down in place. Then I fixed the screws, and that was it.

When you know what to do it barely takes 10 minutes.

Hope, this helps…



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  • Greetings from Kenya, nowhere to get it fixed over here so your tutorial was a god send.
    Slight difference for me as the cable had disconnected at the lever end. I had to remove spring and give slack enough to get it place back into the grey handle. 15 mins of fiddling around trying to get it catch and boom. Replaced everything and now have a work base again. Thanks again

  • Big thanks from the Netherlands! A little desperate after buying the Maxi Cosi Pearl and just at that moment demolishing my FamilyFix. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi,
    I have broken wires to isofix latch, is it possible to repair them? How does one separate the Base to access the wires? Can you help please?

  • Very nice wiki, and useful information! Thanks! Were you able to dismantle the bottom part as well?

  • Did you ever venture to dismantle the bottom part? I got a wire that is broken and I cannot figure out how to dismantle the bottom from the top part to access the side isofix rails and its wire. I just managed to remove the 6 screws at the bottom and the covers of the isofix rails.

  • Thanks, your’s was the only source I could find. Saved me from the expense of a new one.

  • Thanks for uploading this as it was the only source I could find.. I had spotted the two screws but I am not sure if I would have figured out getting the plastic off.

    In my case I needed to tweak the micro switch that detects when the seat is locked in.. It was slightly loose and contact was just able to be lost with the slightest movement of the seat, making it a nightmare to fit without beeping for no reason.

    You have probably saved me breaking mine!

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