COVID-19: How to create your own Hand-Sanitizer

Since hand sanitizer solutions are out of stock almost everywhere, here is what you need to create your own, following the advice given by the WHO:

To make one liter of hand sanitizer, you would need:

ProductAmountAmazon LinkPrice
99.8 % Isopropyl Alcohol750 mlB079YVPZDF£4.70
Hydrogen Peroxide 3%42 mlB01HK5JCHE£5.55
Glycerol15 mlB06XZQ7Q4T£7.99
Measuring Cylinders1B01MAVORZF£12.99
Pump Bottle (2x 500 ml)1B07HC6NPBP£15.99

The Measuring Cylinders and the Pump Bottles are just suggestions that may come in useful.

In order to create the mixture, you should just put together the Alcohol, the Hydrogen Peroxide and the Glycerol, one after the other. So if you are using the above set of measuring cylinders:

  1. Put 750 ml of the Isopropyl Alcohol into the 1l measuring cylinder
  2. Put 42 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide into the 50ml measuring cylinder, then put the Hydrogen Peroxide from the 50ml into the 1l measuring cylinder, i.e., adding the Hydrogen Peroxide to the Isopropyl Alcohol
  3. Put 15ml of Glycerol into the 50ml measuring cylinder, then pour the Glycerol from the 50ml measuring cylinder into the 1l measuring cylinder. The Glycerol comes out slowly, so you can use some water to help: Fill up the 50ml measuring cylinder with water and pour it on top of the mixture into the 1l measuring cylinder
  4. Add water to top off the 1l measuring cylinder to have a total of one liter of solution
  5. Distribute that solution into the pump bottles

You can use distilled water or just tap water that you boil and let cool down before adding to the mix.

The active ingredient is actually the isopropyl alcohol. The hydrogen peroxide is just there to keep the solution sterile; if you don’t have it available, you could skip that. The glycerol is just there to keep your skin moisturized; you could potentially also skip that.