Add Pinch-In and Pinch-Out (Icon Zoom) back into Apple’s Finder

Ok, this has annoyed many people out there, including me: Apple found it clever to remove the pinch gesture on the icon view of the Finder window. For what ever reason, but it was annoying me enough to find a solution.

Here it is: Create a small Apple script like this:

Save it into a Folder like

Then assign it to a pinch gesture (two finger pinch-in or out on the Finder app using BetterTouchTool) where you specify to run a Terminal Command like so:


If you want to have a finder grained control, you can add icon sizes to the two lists at the top of the script; valid values range from 0 to 512.

Credits go to @drdrang.



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  • Any clue why mine is working only for “down” whatever I do ?
    even if I use “up” as argument for both scripts (tried from terminal too, not related to BTT)… 

  • the first > should be “&.g.t.;” without dots in between. (the code was automatically changed).

  • I received a “Syntax Error: Expected “then”, etc. but found unknown token.”
    > was highlighter, specifically this part ; as well as the 0 after it
    I hope to restore this function to my MacBook Pro running Yosemite. It broke my heart that Apple removed this feature.

  • Hi!
    I wonder if it’s safe and secure on my old 2008’s MacBookPro on Yosemite?
    If I have any issue, can I just erase the file in Library/Script/?
    Thank you for your topic because it’s hard to find solutions to personalise gestures!
    Fred from Basque country

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