2016 October

How to workaround the fucked up PDFKit in Sierra

OK, so it appears that Apple this time really blew it with PDFKit. In Sierra, it appears to be seriously broken, and the most important outcome of that is that Skim no longer appears to work.

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By mnott on 2016/10/28 | Computer, Hacks | 4 comments

Workaround for Lync Issues opening the Skype for Business application on IOS

I’ve been struggling with Lync (Skype for Business) issues this morning. Both iPhone and iPad suddenly no longer opened the Skype for Business application when clicking on a Lync link. So for example, a calendar invite may contain something like this:

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By mnott on 2016/10/26 | Computer, Hacks, SAP | A comment?

How to run a SuperDrive on a USB Hub – MacOS Sierra Version

Over here, I described how to run a SuperDrive on a USB hub. The issue is that Apple normally disallows you to do so since it thinks the SuperDrive needs to be powered – something that a USB hub can perfectly be able to do. Before, it was sufficient to change a system file in order to fix the issue; now, that change is disallowed (actually, since two versions of the operating system, but I don’t use CDs that much, so I didn’t even notice).┬áThe fix still works. Here is what you need to do:

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By mnott on 2016/10/06 | Computer, Hacks | 2 comments