Workaround for Lync Issues opening the Skype for Business application on IOS

I’ve been struggling with Lync (Skype for Business) issues this morning. Both iPhone and iPad suddenly no longer opened the Skype for Business application when clicking on a Lync link. So for example, a calendar invite may contain something like this:

Normally (until today), this led me to the Lync web application, which then again re-routed me immediately by opening the Skype for Business App. Today, it just stayed there in the web application, with apparently no way to open the meeting in the Skype for Business App. Also, there was no way to open the meeting directly in the app.

This has nothing to do with the device you’re on really, so you didn’t do anything wrong. It has to do with the web application, as it seems.

So after some head-scratching, here’s a mindboggingly simple solution:

I have added a bookmark into my safari browser on the device. As Name, I chose something like “Lync”, and as url I put this here:


Now, what this does is that it opens the location of the current browser window, in the Lync application.

This means that when I’m again getting stuck for some reason in the web application after having chosen one of those “Lync” links, I just open my bookmarks, where I keep my “Lync” bookmark right at the top. I tap on it, and am then in the Skype for Business application.


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