Still need an argument against nuclear fuel? As a father, this truly pisses me off…

We’re responsible for our children. So when suddenly, for someone happens to note a “smoking gun” like here, for severe birth defects, and the official position is to advise people to “take your folic acid” – while there is a very much smoking gun in the vicinity, in this case of Yakima, WA, this makes up for an unbelievable story.

But let’s get to it one by one: Let’s go to Google Maps:


What’s that weird grey area in that national park over there? Let’s zoom in a bit:


Hanford Site?” Rings a bell? So go and count 1 + 1 yourself. Also, when you go on Google Maps, you see those circles just next to the site:



Yep, that’s irrigated agricultural land. Downstream from the site. So – enjoy your glass of wine and, along with it, your children’s birth defects. And no worries, your government takes care of the situation.

Thanks to Fefe for the original report on this matter.