How to manage virtual mail domain aliases with ISPConfig 3

Here’s a small script I’ve implemented as a MySQL stored procedure that allows you to include a virtual domain mapping scheme for the Version 3.0 of ISPConfig.

ISPConfig – see – is an excellent tool for managing virtual domains on a shared mail/webserver. The thing that I found missing was that if a customer has multiple domains and wants to make sure that an email to a named user of his company will arrive in that user’s inbox will actually come out in his inbox regardless of the domain to which the email was sent, we need to manage multiple domain aliases automatically, as we obviously do not want to manage each user account in what may be 10 different domains.

On the file system side, we’re creating symlinks for the different subdirectories in /var/vmail, so that the mails are automagically available regardless of the domain the user is going to work with.

There also is a cleanup script – and you by the way need to make sure that if you do not have aliases for one given domain, you still add an entry to the alias table mapping the domain to itself – or the cleanup script will just remove all the members of that domain (or you change the cleanup script).

I’m giving the tool in one block, so have fun with it. I did submit it to the ISP developers, as well.



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