Gardening Hack: Lawnmower modded so that it goes uphill, for less than 5$

Field-tested for over three years now, this hack will set you back about 5$ and make your lawn mower go straight up hill 45°. Sorry for the portrait format, but it is apparently awesome enough that it was even featured in Honey Bee (I’m active in the Honey Bee network of India that “has been the source of pollination and cross-pollination of ideas, creativity and grassroots genius” (Gupta, 2013) contributing hacks such as using wood screws to allow a lawn mower running up-hill (Nott, 2013, p. 23).

Here is the video. Also features Swiss mountains, Swiss cows, Google (my dog, not the search engine) in the corner of the image at one point, and entirely incorrect gardening footwear.


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