Export from VitalSource Bookshelf

Every now and again, my University gives us a reader through the DRM black hole software that they deemed useful to license: VitalSource bookshelf. And of course, that means you’ll get encrypted content, which your operating system and document management system of choice won’t index. And just as with Adobe Digital Editions (but more uncomfortably… read more »

New OCR Wrapper published on Sourceforge

I’ve shared a small project I’ve recently written on sourceforge: This tool serves as a wrapper around the excellent ABBYY OCR engine which also exists as a Linux variant. The wrapper recursively iterates a directory structure and submits all PDF that it finds (and that it has not yet worked on) to ABBYY. The… read more »

How to manage virtual mail domain aliases with ISPConfig 3

Here’s a small script I’ve implemented as a MySQL stored procedure that allows you to include a virtual domain mapping scheme for the Version 3.0 of ISPConfig. ISPConfig – see – is an excellent tool for managing virtual domains on a shared mail/webserver. The thing that I found missing was that if a customer… read more »