apt-get upgrade failing after moving from vmware to virtual box?

Moving to VirtualBox is just a great idea when you’re coming from VMWare Server 2.0 which is no longer supported. VirtualBox is a lot more modern, also allows for a headless setup, and it is a lot faster. The only drawback I saw is that VMWare Server allows for memory overcommitment (though I did have issues with that, see my OOM post) – which means I just had to upgrade my server from 32 GB to 64 GB.

Now some problem that I ran into is this:

cp: not writing through dangling symlink `/etc/initramfs-tools/modules'

when doing the occasional apt-get upgrade. Turns out that when you move to vbox, you’re obviously no longer able to run the vmware tools that you may have installed. Following this post, it is an easy fix:

$ cd /etc/initramfs-tools/
$ rm modules
$ ln -s modules.AfterVMwareToolsInstall modules

Hope, this helps someone.