2014 November

Find out your BabyPing Camera to use with the BabyPing Viewer

So it has been quite a while since I have published the BabyPingViewer app on the app store. The reception was great, yet there is one recurring question that people raise: Since BabyPing has modified their way to create a password for the admin user, now depending on the specific model of the camera, there is no more a standard password that you can use. Which is great, but which leaves you with the issue to detect the password if you want to use another app than the one that comes with the camera. Here’s a short description how you can get to the password. Read more…

By mnott on 2014/11/16 | Computer | 3 comments

Add Pinch-In and Pinch-Out (Icon Zoom) back into Apple’s Finder

Ok, this has annoyed many people out there, including me: Apple found it clever to remove the pinch gesture on the icon view of the Finder window. For what ever reason, but it was annoying me enough to find a solution. Read more…

By mnott on 2014/11/01 | Computer, Hacks | 6 comments