2016 September

Potential solution for adding a Thunderbolt Display to a 2016 Apple Macbook Pro

Should Apple come up later 2016 with the new MacBook Pro, it is likely that they will not contain a Thunderbolt 1 port. The question hence arises, how you would connect an existing Thunderbolt 1 Display. Of course, Apple is also reported to come up with new (5k) displays, but why would you replace yours if it still works fine.

Following up a kind reference of user jeeva on the Heise forum, I’ve been on the chat today with Startech who make this product, also available via Amazon. We also know that the current MacBook (not Pro, the slim one) does not support the Thunderbolt display, as it does not have Thunderbolt 3. So I went on Startech’s chat and spoke to Brandon, one of their support engineers. Below is the transcript.

TL;DR: If Apple does not reduce Thunderbolt 3 functionality in their upcoming MacBooks, it should work fine, including daisy chaining. StarTech will also undertake tests on their end once the new hardware becomes available from Apple, and publish them, so that you’ll be able to verify ahead of time whether this is a solution for you. If it is, it might meet a large user base (basically, all owners of Apple Thunderbolt displays).

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