2014 February

Experiencing random, but predictable crashes with VirtualBox running SuSE SLES 11.3 (solved)

This one was not easy to solve. Running SuSE SLES 11.3 as guest in VirtualBox 4.2.18 on an otherwise entirely stable host (Linux 3.11.0 running Ubuntu 13.10), my 64 bit SLES VMs would randomly just “stuck”, consuming full CPU usage on the host system for the cores I had assigned to them. If not touched, they would remain in that state forever. Netconsole to another host did not reveal anything of value. All other machines (about 20 at the same time on any normal day) would continue running with no issues. So what was so special about SLES that made these machines hang?

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Still need an argument against nuclear fuel? As a father, this truly pisses me off…

We’re responsible for our children. So when suddenly, for someone happens to note a “smoking gun” like here, for severe birth defects, and the official position is to advise people to “take your folic acid” – while there is a very much smoking gun in the vicinity, in this case of Yakima, WA, this makes up for an unbelievable story.

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Linksys WRT120N hacked.

This is amazing: A simple URL call allows you to bypass the login. What’s more interesting is how he got there.

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String Theory – explained. Probably the nerdiest video ever.

See this:

Visual Feedback from Apple Scripts

I am probably overly abusing Better Touch Tool. As an example, while reading a book in Full Screen mode with Skim, I want to create different types of annotations but I do not want to use the menu or even the keyboard to switch annotation types. I want to keep my hand on the trackpad and do what’s needed – including saving. The issue I saw is that when using gestures, I’m not quite sure whether they actually were executed. Adding today the “save” operation, I definitely needed a simple way to display a notification on whether the given action has been performed. Enter Growl. And a very simple Apple Script that displays, using Growl, what ever has been passed on the command line. The script is given below; here’s how it works.

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