Fix Massive CPU Usage of Teams on MacOS

As described here, I’ve found a little fix on how to stop teams going crazy on my CPU (MacBook Pro, late 2016): First, disable GPU acceleration within teams. To do so, go to the Settings of Teams, and check this box: Next, I created a little shell script that allows you to start teams by… read more »

Fix Audio Problems on MacOS Mojave

After upgrading to Mojave, applications like Skype or Skype for Business stopped receiving audio and camera input. On Mojave, applications are supposed to be triggering an alert asking for permissions to access those resources, but after upgrading to Mojave, these applications never did that. Long story short: I removed rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/ logged out… read more »

“What is your main purpose in life right now?”

As part of my DBA, there is what the university calls a “personal development module.” So people ask me questions that are meant to make you think. The question we got over the holiday period was this: “What is your main purpose in life right now?” I don’t know whether my answer will resonate with… read more »

Alternative Scenarios to the new MacBook Pro

I think there’s been enough rant about the new MBP. For me personally, I’ve been waiting patiently, and am always open to be convinced. I’m not this time, and have hence explored, and implemented, some alternatives. They may not be useful for you, but if you use a 2013 MacBook Air, and if you’re running out of… read more »

How to get Weather on the Mac Console

Here is a simple way to get the weather from the console. $ weather Pieniezno Weather for City: Pieniezno, Poland _`/””.-. Moderate or heavy rain shower ,\_( ). 20 °C /(___(__) ↑ 7 km/h ‚‘‚‘‚‘‚‘ 7 km ‚’‚’‚’‚’ 2.7 mm ┌─────────────┐ ┌──────────────────────────────┬───────────────────────┤ Fri 29. Jul ├───────────────────────┬──────────────────────────────┐ │ Morning │ Noon └──────┬──────┘ Evening │ Night │… read more »