“What is your main purpose in life right now?”

As part of my DBA, there is what the university calls a “personal development module.” So people ask me questions that are meant to make you think. The question we got over the holiday period was this: “What is your main purpose in life right now?” I don’t know whether my answer will resonate with… read more »

Innovations in Storage Technology…

In the picture below, you see the first hard disk drive. Developed by IBM in 1952, it carried a whopping 5 MB of data on fifty twenty-four inch disks. It was leased to customers at about 3,200 USD (equivalent to 27,500 USD in 2013) a month. It weighted over a ton and was typically delivered… read more »

Miles and Less…

According to a very euphemistic mail sent out by Star Alliance today, Miles and More are going to be even more oriented at the “value of the flight ticket.” Now of course we know there’s no such thing as a free lunch (if we’d even dare to call an in-flight meal a “lunch”), and of… read more »