2014 October

Speed Improvement with Yosemite

I’ve recently upgraded to MacOS 10.10, a.k.a. Yosemite. Here’s a measurement of my wired throughput to my server. Before, I got a maximum of about 75 MB/sec on large files. This is a nice improvement…

Lync cycles login on Yosemite (fixed)

When connecting with Lync on Yosemite, and your primary system language is not English (how could that potentially be…), Lync up to 14.0.9 will cycle the login process. Microsoft has acknowledge the problem and provided for a fix.

Thermal Problem with MacBook Air 2013

Same procedure as last year, Ms Sophie? I’ve had another round of checking Apple’s Thermal Paste, this time on two MacBook Air’s I’ve bought about a year ago. And, just like before, same problem.

So that’s how it looks if you upgrade your WIFI…

Three Nighthawk X6‘s arrived. Bricked one hacking it misconfiguring DD-WRT; serial cable debricks it. Here’s some throughput that brings it to precisely half my wired network connection (measured OTA from my 2013 Macbook Air to my server which is wired using Gigabit LAN / Cat7 to the routers, measured to 943 Mbit/s):   mnott-laptop:~ mnott$… read more »