2012 August

CVS pserver on Mountain Lion

Right. I do know CVS is old and all, but I like it. Actually I’ve a ton of stuff in my CVS server. And have written all kinds of scripts that digest that stuff and do stuff with it. So no, I’ll not switch any time soon for the existing projects (for new ones, I… read more »

Move the Apple Mail Download Folder

Apple Mail seems to use its own location for downloading attachments that you double-click on. On my machine, this was in

I wanted those to go into

And since Apple as a company keeps thinking about even the illiterate, it hides the Library folder, and even if you unhide it for the Finder… read more »

Solution to Mountain Lion Battery Life Problem

Your Mileage May Vary. But on my machine (TM), the battery life substantially dropped on my 2010 MBP after installation of ML. By substantially I mean really really badly. From 4 hours previously to down to about 1.5 hours. Surfing around about that problem, I did find the programm gfxCardStatus which allows me to define which… read more »