Latest Pornographic Addition…

So here it is, the added 150 TB of backup space that just came in.

Having the ability to do unattended, on site and off site backups becomes increasingly difficult with added disk space. The server now contains 7 1TB disks, for a net volume of 3TB (RAID10 + 1 hot spare), then 5 3TB disks for a net volume of 8TB (RAID5 + 1 hot spare), and finally 7 8TB disks for a net space of 22 TB (RAID10 + 1 hot spare). The reason I chose RAID5 for the 3TB disks is that I am using them in a DTDTT scenario, i.e., as a cache space for backups before they are written to tape. Speaking about tapes, the library holds 24 LTO-6 cartridges, each of which for a maximum of 6.25TB, in other words, up to 150 TB of backup space. The good thing about using a library is that I can assign groups of tapes for different backup purposes, and have a strategy of regularly (weekly, monthly, yearly) creating sets of tapes that are being stored in a different location. Here are some images of my private parts: