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  • Are you running this on Mojave by any chance? Looking for info on compatibility of BD & skim.

  • Thanks for getting back with me even while you’re on vacation. The errors have the form:
    Global symbol “$___________” requires explicit package name at line __________.

    The Global symbols begin with $pline and include $replace, $content, $output, etc.
    The line numbers are from 280 to 297, but all have in common line 183 at the end of the error message.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video and the texdown script available. I tried compiling texdown, but you’re using a significantly more recent version of perl than what came with my OSX (10.12.6). I was hesitant to upgrade it, so tried changing the required version in That let me attempt to compile it, but I needed a bunch of updates. After the updates, I still could not run I got a bunch of “requires explicit package name” errors. Any suggestions or advice?

    • I’ll be back from vacation soon. You’ll need to give more details on the error message.

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