A good day…

Today I decided to start posting about positive things that happen.

I started the day finding out on Fefe’s blog that apparently someone figured out a way to treat about all virus infections you may possibly think of. Instead of targetting the virus – which constantly change – he identified a protein that seems to be congruent about any cell that’s being reprogrammed by any virus – in any organism. Combines that with triggering cell suicide – a program a cell should run should it detect that it is not performing normally. At the end of the day, he’s developing a cure that stays in the body for about 8 days, induces cell death in any cell that’s marked itself as being virus infected. If this works (works on human cell cultures and in mice), this would be the most important medical breakthrough ever – even better than Penicillin.

I went on with creating a language lab application for my wife who’s currently learning English. Within this context, I also created a MySQL and OpenOffice based sales tool, along with programming a walkthrough that people can use e.g. when on a job search. It is in French, of course, but uses, among others, quite some Milton Model.

Next I worked out some very interesting way post-processing publications with my employer’s software. To try it out, installed Redhat 5.6 (actually, Centos 5.6) and Windows XP 64 in each one VM with 8 gig memory on my server, and then installed the Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform XI4 SP02 into it. Hooked it up with my other tools and tried out the sample codes and wrote some more code. Going to get that baby walking tomorrow.

Over the lunch break ordered my new storage extension to my server which will over the time allow me to go up to at least 90 TB. Enough space for those family images to come next year.

Had a very productive discussion with my Boss and his Boss about my next interesting things I am going to do in my company. Very promising in deed. And, of course, was using Milton Language Model until the cows came out to make that pitch.

Then I found out about a very very very impressive young guy called Andrew Hsu – who has not only an impressive bio but also a very interesting blog.

Made the contact between Andrew and John Grinder, the Co-Developer of NLP, with whom I’ve recently been trained and certified as Trainer of NLP. Also had some very productive email discussion with John.

Within this context, hooked up our NLPub.me domain to the NLPub web site.

Ended up doing some garden work.

Which I interrupted because I figured out a way to tune one of our beds somewhat.

And a lot more interesting reading, particularly neuroscience and NLP.

All in all a very productive and very positive day.